Why swirl?

Learn R, in R.

swirl is a software package for the R programming language that turns the R console into an interactive learning environment. Users receive immediate feedback as they are guided through self-paced lessons in data science and R programming. I think I first came across swirl in mid-2014, while working through the... [Read More]
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satRday in Cape Town

A celebration of R

In just two months time, the second satRday will be taking place right on my doorstep, in Cape Town, South Africa. I keep telling people I am looking forward to it, but to be honest that’s really quite an understatement. I am super excited! satRdays are SQLSaturday-inspired, community-led, one-day, regional... [Read More]
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Introducing hugo!

Fun with bot frameworks

Roughly two months ago, I embarked on a short mission: to setup an instance of hubot for integration with Slack. Despite being armed with only a very limited working knowledge of Javascript (hubot runs on node.js and scripts are written in CoffeeScript), the tutorials seemed pretty thorough and made the... [Read More]
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Breaking the Silence

Reflections on new beginnings...

In April of 2016, I made a new friend. His name is Lorenz and he is from Switzerland. We met one evening when I arrived to pick him up for a small church group meeting, and he ambled up to the driver side door only to be reminded - by... [Read More]
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